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Shannon Phinney Dowdle, Audiologist, MS-FAAA, (Licensed in Maine since 2001)
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Unitron Moxi
Welcome to Moxi™. The open fit attitude you love couldn’t sound more natural. On the outside, it sports an inspired new design. On the inside, it’s all Moxi, powered by Era™ and featuring technology that delivers better speech understanding in noise and clear, comfortable, automatic listening.
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Village Hearing Care Products
All hearing aids contain the same parts to carry sound from the environment into your ear. However, hearing aids do come in a number of styles, which differ in size and the way they're placed in your ear. Some are small enough to fit inside your ear canal; some fit partially in your ear canal; some have a portion behind the ear. 
These are usually very small behind-the-ear-style devices, where sound travels from the instrument through a small tube or wire to a speaker in the ear canal. These aids leave the ear canal open, and keep sounds natural.
Custom products are cast from a mold of your ear canal. Available in a range of sizes, these traditional hearing instruments are an excellent choice for many individuals.  
Behind-the-ear hearing aids hook over the top of your ear and rest behind the ear. The hearing aid picks up sound, amplifies it and carries the amplified sound to an ear mold that fits inside your ear canal. 
Remote controls and other accessories are available today that can reduce the barriers to modern comunication and media devices. Whether talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to music, or talking in the car, ConnectLine can help with all of these activities and more. 
High quality products and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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